Professional as a Service

DPO as a Service

As DPO as a Service or Date Protection Officers, we will proactively work on prevention by supervising, coordinating and disseminating the company’s privacy policy. Under the new GDPR, the DPO has become a key figure.

DBA as a Service

As DBA as a Service or Database Administrators, we will manage and maintain our clients’ computer databases, with the goal of making them secure by creating backup systems, updating them or making them faster and easier to use. Your business’ database is one of your most important assets.

CISO as a Service

As CISO as a Service or Chief Information Security Officers, we will protect your information from potential cyberattacks and data leaks by aligning the security strategy with that of your business

CIO as a Service

As CIO as a Service or Chief Information Officers, we will handle IT planning, organization, coordination, management and control. Your company can focus on the business side of things without worrying about anything else